Wedding Spotlight- Harms Wedding

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Colors: Navy, orange, burlap, and lace
Ceremony & reception: Vacation Home in Austin, TX, 100 guests
Rehearsal dinner: Tres Amigos, 30 guests
Wedding planner: Sarah Diane Photography and Design
Officiant: Rodney Appleby Invitations: Sarah Kramer Dresses: David’s Bridal Tuxes: Suits-Express
Rings: Bride’s was gifted from groom’s mother (they are her rings), and groom’s was from Zales
Jewelry: Hand made by Sarah Kramer
Hair and make up: Adore Boutique
Flowers: Bride, bridesmaids and groomsmen’s girls made the cen- terpieces and bouquets
Photographer: Tami Weis Entertainment: Isaac Jacob Band
Decorations: The groom made all the centerpiece boxes, bride’s mom and bridesmaids and friends made the other decorations
Caterers: Roppolos Pizza, Austin, TX,
Cake: Groom’s cake: Sweet Treats Bakery, Lick Honest Ice Creams, Austin
First dance song: “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice
Getaway vehicle: A U-haul cargo van!
Bridal party gifts: Sarah Kramer’s hand made earrings


How we met:

We met on the school bus, in Bobby’s 6th and my 7th grade year. After col- lege, Bobby moved back to Corpus Christi. We met up again and have been together since.

The proposal:

We packed to fly back home from our vacation in Hawaii and I thought it was my grand idea to go on one last hike before we left. We went to Lanikai Point and watched the sunrise and Bobby popped the question.

Favorite detail:

Bride: As hard work as it was, I love the fact that almost everything was made by the hands of my friends, family, husband or me. Even the wedding dress was customized (that’s trust, letting a friend take scissors to your wedding dress). There was a lot of love put into it. Groom: The ceremony was at the same place as the party. One moment it was serious and important, the next it’s a par- ty! There was no travel time in between, straight too the fun part!

Favorite moment:

Bride: After the kiss, Bobby had lipstick all over his face, and he totally didn’t care and turns to the guests, gave them one of his many “Bobby faces,” all puckered up, and of course gets laughs out of everyone. Groom: My favorite part was our dance. I am not much of a dancer, but Isaac (The lead singer of the band and good friend) said he had the perfect song for us… He did, it was called “I Don’t Dance” except he changed it to “Bobby Don’t Dance.” It was very touching.

Advice for future brides or grooms:

Bride: Just make sure your wedding is exactly what you want. If you want a destination wedding with 10 people, do it. If you want a huge wedding

at home, do it. Realize not everyone
is going to be happy with all of your decisions for the big day, but that really doesn’t matter. It is truly yall’s day. It took me a while to grasp that but when I did, I finally started to get things done. Groom: Have a good time. It is your spe- cial day! You’re the reason people are

celebrating. Don’t try to sit and chat with everyone. Don’t run around with your head on a swivel trying to talk to every guest there. You won’t have time to en- joy your wedding. Have fun. People will find the time to come talk to you. That’s when you can say thank you.

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