How Can I Be a Part of The One Bride Guide?

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Deadlines:  The deadlines for print are as follows:

February–May issue – Deadline is the first Friday of December

Jun–September issue – Deadline is the first Friday of April

October–January issue – Deadline is the first Friday of August

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Wedding Spotlights: We’d love to hear about a fantastic wedding you were a part of, whether you are the Bride and Groom or participated as a vendor. To submit a wedding for The One Wedding Spotlights, send us a brief email about why the wedding was special and few sample photos to The couple must fill out a questionnaire, and then our staff communicates with the photographer to view and select hi-resolution photos for print. Sorry, there is no guarantee that submitted weddings will be selected.

Engagement and Wedding Announcements: Do you want to guarantee that you are featured in The One? You can purchase a wedding or engagement announcement (just like the newspaper wedding or newspaper engagement announcements, but bigger and in color!). Announcements are published every February, June and October. Deadlines are two months before each issue. Download forms below.

Writers: If you have an idea for an article or are interested in writing for The One, please submit a writing sample to The One also contracts writers to interview or cover certain subjects. The One will not contract any writer without reviewing writing samples.

Photography: The One Style page is our little guilty pleasure of a spread. We’ll never have an ad on this spread because it’s meant to be all about the photos. If you’ve got an image that expresses unique creativity, we want to see it for our Style page. Also, The One is always looking for photos to enhance the content of the magazine. Sign up for our newsletter to find out the scoop on what’s coming up for the next issue and the photos we need to enhance those articles.

Staff Positions and Internships: Click here to view staff or internship positions available or email

How To Submit Files

All files can now be submitted via HighTail (formerly Click on the Hightail icon to send files to McLeod Creative and The One Bride Guide. If you have many files to send, we suggest you put them in a folder and compress the folder into a .zip file and send that file to us via hightail.


(keep clicking on “select file” for multiple files)


Have a DropBox account?
Files can be submitted via DropBox if you have a DropBox account. Share the link to your folder to or send to Contact us if you need help.



Submit articles via email to or through HighTail (click on the icon above). Files must be in .doc, .docx or .rtf format.

McLeod Creative handles the design of most ads. If you are creating your own ad, email the ad to, send via YouSendIt (click on the icon above), or mail a disk to The One, 402 Peoples Street, Suite 1A, Corpus Christi, TX 78401. Ads must be full size (in inches), 300 dpi, in .pdf, .tif, .eps or .jpg format. Ads will not be accepted placed in Word or Powerpoint.

Photos for Consideration:
Email digital photo files to or send via HighTail (click on the icon above). Files must be in .jpg, .gif, .tif, .eps, .png or .bmp digital format. Files can be any dpi at this stage before the selection process. Please keep emailed files under 10mb. Do not send photos in Word, PowerPoint or “placed” in any other program. Make sure you keep track of how you label your photos in case we need you to find the original.

Selected Photos:
The One will notify the photographer with a list of photos selected for the draft of the next issue. These photos will need to be submitted at hi-resolution, 300 dpi at full size (in inches). Files are accepted in .tif, .eps, .pdf, and .jpg format. We prefer .tif files. To ensure color accuracy, submit photos in CMYK format (as opposed to RGB). Color matching and accuracy are not guaranteed. The best way to submit selected photos is to send via YouSendIt (click on the icon above) or mail or deliver a disk to The One, 402 Peoples Street, Suite 1A, Corpus Christi, TX 78401.

All photographers need to sign a one-time photo release form to have photos published in the printed magazine or included online.

Click here to download the photo release form (.pdf format)

Please email a signed copy of the photo release form to or mail to The One, 402 Peoples Street, Suite 1A, Corpus Christi, TX 78401.

*Selected photos and articles are not guaranteed to make the final published issue. The One reserves the right to change our mind at any time.

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you so much for contributing and being a part of The One. This magazine is truly a showpiece for the talent that exists in Corpus Christi and our contributors wow us every issue! Thanks for making it such a pleasure to work with all of you.