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When I first met Molano Media, they left such a great impression on me. We spent that morning coffee meeting chatting about their business, how they got their start and where they see themselves in the future. As a team, they are so passionate about capturing milestone moments in a person’s life.

I am so happy to share some insight on Taylor and Christopher and learn about their journeys in life, love and of course, wedding media!

Who is Molano Media?

Molano Media is a husband and wife duo that offer luxury photography and videography services. This duo is made up of Taylor Molano, the photographer, and Christopher Molano, the videographer, and together they strive to give the best services to their clients.

When did their love for photography start?

Taylor’s love for photography started 9 years ago when she picked up her first camera. It began as a hobby until she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies in 2018. Soon after graduating, Taylor and Christopher began discussing the forming of Molano Media. Christopher’s love for photography started in 2017 when Taylor started working for Sony as a Digital Imaging Specialist.

How they met:

Taylor and Christopher met while working at Target. Soon after, they both realized that they had feelings for each other.  Chris kissed Taylor right before New Year’s Eve. From that day on, they were inseparable. The couple got engaged 6 months later, then married 7 months later. It was very quick, but they said, “when you know you know.”

What was the catalyst that sparked the idea of starting a business?

Taylor had gotten her dream job working for Sony, and Chris was working for Target. Soon after, they found out that Chris had to take time off from work because of his health. He has Lupus which caused kidney failure. He had been waiting for a kidney for six years. The dialysis was starting to take a toll on him. With Chris not working, they needed a second income. That’s when Taylor decided to do photography professionally. She had the support of Chris, her family, her friends, and Sony. Molano Media became very successful very fast. Taylor and Christopher were feeling extremely blessed for all the support and positive feedback that they were receiving. The blessings did not stop there. A few months later they received their biggest blessing… a new kidney for Chris! Once recovered, Chris took on the role of videographer.

What makes Molano Media different from other photographers?

Molano Media loves to give their clients the best experience possible. They do whatever it takes to make sure their clients have the most fun and memorable time at that their session or event. They try to go above and beyond for their clients. On wedding days, Taylor and Christopher wear multiple hats and are not just the photographers. They become coordinators or planners. On occasions, they have had to cut and serve cake, and in one instance, Chris even drove the getaway car for a client, because their driver didn’t show up. These are only a couple of examples Molano Media has encountered. If something goes wrong, they try their best to jump in and help. They are definitely problem solvers.

What services do you offer?

Molano Media specializes in weddings and seniors. However, they can do almost everything. They meet the couples from their engagements, and then get to see their families grow. It starts with engagement sessions, to shooting their weddings, and eventually shooting a maternity session. They do milestone sessions, and mini sessions during the holidays as well. Molano Media is like a one stop shop for photography and videography.

Do you find it challenging offering both photography and videography?

Taylor and Christopher say, “Absolutely not. It 100% helps that we’re married to each other and we know how the other one works. It makes it 10x easier.”

Why choose to specialize in weddings?

Molano Media loves being story tellers, and to them, the best stories told are love stories. “Love is just inspiring,” they say. “There are so many amazing and emotional moments in a wedding day. There is never one that is the same as the last, and there is just something magical about telling them thru our lens. They can be challenging, but we love a good challenge.”

What are some struggles you’ve faced as a small business on the rise?

Taylor’s biggest struggle was deciding whether or not to go full time and take our business to the next level. She loved working for Sony so much and it was an extremely hard decision to make. In the end, going full time was what our business needed to thrive. Now she has more time to focus more on the client experience and making sure that they are completely taken care of in a fast and efficient way.

Where do you see yourselves in the future as a business?

Molano Media’s main goal is to open a studio. They are interested in creating a place where clients can come in for consultations, to order prints and to do in studio sessions. They also want to eventually be able to offer photography lessons.

What was your best and worst experience on the job?

“The best experience in general is hearing that our clients love their photos and/or videos,” they tell us. “That is the greatest part of the job. Nothing beats having our clients coming back for more sessions and even recommending us to family and friends. Before we know it, our clients don’t feel like clients but more like family.”

“The worst experience is having the best shot in front of you and having it ruined by somebody jumping in front of your lens with their cell phone. If you are a guest at a wedding, it is 100% not okay to stand in the aisle or at the altar to take a cell phone pictures. We are being paid to be there. Please allow us to be able to do our jobs. We understand you’re excited for the couple, but just be in the moment with them and let us take all the photos.”

Who are the most talented individuals you had the opportunity to work with?

Last year, Taylor was chosen to attend Sony Kando 3.0. This is a 3-day event that Sony puts on for photographers around the world to come, meet, and learn from the Sony Artisans of Imagery (The Sony Artisans of Imagery are the best of the best Sony photographers). You must apply or get invited to attend. She applied and got accepted. She got to take classes with one of her all-time favorite wedding photographers, Sarah France. “It was incredible!” Taylor said. “We are attending the event again this year, but this year Chris will get to attend the event as well. We are so excited!”

 What are some things you want brides to know when it comes to booking photography and videography?

“You want to book somebody that you’re comfortable with.” Molano Media says. “This person is going to be spending one of the most important days of your life with you from start to finish. You don’t want to book someone that is going to make your day about them. Photography and videography is important, but it is your day. Another thing I’d want brides to know is don’t be afraid of doing a first look! Doing a first look with your husband can be such a special moment for you two. It also gives you the opportunity to have more time for bridal portraits, because you’re not rushed with having to get to your reception.”

What’s in your camera bag on a wedding day?

Taylors camera bag consists of a Sony A7ii, Ziess 55mm,  85mm,  24-105mm G, 90mm G Macro, and a Godox V1 flash. Chris’s bag consists of a Sony a6300, Ziess 55mm 1.8, a Rhode Mic, a Zhiyun Crane 2, and two Stella Pro Lights. They both carry a ton of batteries, and SD cards.

Any advice for aspiring photographers and videographers?

“Don’t give up! Get as much practice as you can. Pick up your camera and shoot anything and everything. It’s not all about the camera and equipment, but about the photographer. If you’re willing to put in the work and learn you can make beautiful images. Lastly, never let anyone tell you that you or your gear isn’t good enough.”

Special thanks to MOLANO MEDIA for sharing their story! You can find follow them on Facebook at and Instagram @taylormolano!

To learn more about their services and booking info contact them at [email protected] or give them a call at (361) 726-6800

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