What Is A Travel Advisor? (And Why You Need One)

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As a young adult, I traveled by combing through every site possible to find airline tickets for close to pennies, threw a few outfits in a backpack and couch surfed once I reached my destination.

As a slightly older young adult, the thought gives me mild panic. Being cramped in a back-corner of a plane for hours, having to shop for essentials because I refused to pay for carry on luggage and sleeping on a living room floor with other travelers are flashbacks that come to mind.

I’ll admit it, I was just winging this whole “vacation” thing. Overall, it was fun but not the ideal travel experience.

As a bride, when I think of my honeymoon, I envision a luxury experience. When I step off the plane, I want a fancy car ready to pick us up. I would also love to check in to my hotel and see a room with a bouquet of roses and maybe a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon! I don’t know very much about luxury travel (I even had to google search fancy champagne) but I do know that I want my honeymoon to be an incredible experience to remember.

Where do I even begin to plan such a milestone occasion? This is where Alyssa steps in!

Alyssa Costenbader of Unique Romance Travel is your go-to girl! When I first met Alyssa, I had no idea what a professional travel advisor did. I knew they existed at some point in history but beyond that, I was clueless.

Alyssa and I sat down for a chat and she schooled me on how to honeymoon!

What is a travel advisor exactly?

As a travel advisor, I use my first-hand knowledge of destinations and personal relationships with tourism boards, hoteliers, tour operators, and other travel partners to create custom vacations tailor-made to fit each of my client’s unique needs. These vacation itineraries can be as comprehensive or flexible as you desire and include the very best options for flights, private transfers, hotels, tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations, and more. It is my goal to make your honeymoon planning as simple and stress-free as possible!


I’m on a tight budget, can you work with me?

YES! Part of enjoying your honeymoon, or any vacation for that matter, is being comfortable with the amount of money you are spending on your trip. I have so much respect for that and will work with you to make your vision a reality while staying inside your budget.


Why can’t I just book everything online? Wouldn’t it be cheaper that way?

You can book online. Sometimes you may even save a bit of cash. However, my services as a travel advisor bring added value that is SO IMPORTANT when planning a vacation, especially one as significant as your honeymoon. I am there for my clients as a resource, 24/7, from the moment you choose to work with me to plan your trip, to the second you return home. If anything goes wrong, it is my job to find a solution, not yours.

With online travel agencies like BookIt going out of business and Expedia refusing traveler’s calls over coronavirus-related travel interruptions, the peace of mind a travel advisor brings has never been more important.

Plus, the complimentary room upgrades, free breakfasts, and other VIP amenities that my relationships with suppliers allow me to offer my clients are a pretty sweet perk as well!


How do I book you?

Send me an email, give me a call, shoot me a text or a DM. I’m quick to respond with my client questionnaire that helps me better understand your travel vision, I love to arrange a phone call or a meeting to dig into all the fun details.


Do you only book honeymoons? Or can I book other trips with you?

It is true that honeymoons are one of my favorite trips to help clients plan. I am a full-service travel agent and I do plan trips of all shapes and sizes, from destination weddings and family vacations to short weekends away.



Is there a difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor?

Nope! Though I do prefer the term “travel advisor” because I really believe there is so much value in the advice I offer my clients.


What are some popular honeymoon destinations?

Mexico and the Caribbean islands remain popular destinations for newlyweds looking to unwind in all-inclusive luxury after their big day. I also receive a lot of requests for Costa Rica and Belize from couples looking for destinations that are bit “off the beaten path” but still easily accessible from South Texas.


My fiancé and I have no idea where to go, can we tell you some of our interests and you send us suggestions?

Of course! It is so much fun hearing brides and grooms gush about their vision for their dream honeymoon. Oftentimes they have no idea where in the world that destination exists or what is realistic for their budget or timeframe. It is my job to offer options for those couples, discuss the pros and cons of each, and help them choose the best destination for their interests.


If there’s an emergency or something unexpected happens when we’re traveling, how can you help? Do you troubleshoot?

Unnexpected occurrences can happen during travel. I am available 24/7 for my clients while they are traveling to answer any questions they have, to navigate an unexpected situation, or to work to find a solution for a larger problem. This is a key benefit of booking your trip through a travel advisor.


If I find a cheaper rate online, can you match it?

YES! When comparing apples to apples, my travel partners do price match. Plus, I always compare prices when I research options for your trip.


Is working with a travel advisor a necessary part of planning my honeymoon?

I honestly believe that it is. Wedding planning, and all that goes with it, can be stressful. As a recent bride myself, I understand that. I can simplify your planning, maximize your travel investment, and turn your honeymoon dreams into a reality.

Special thanks to Alyssa for sharing this helpful information! You can find follow her on Facebook for dreamy travel inspiration at facebook.com/TravelwAlyssa

To book her incredible services you can call her at (717) 917-3926 or email her at [email protected]

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