Advice To A Future Bride

If you are recently engaged and started planning your wedding, you will soon realize how much has to be done before the big day, prepare a reasonable budget, create a guest list, and through it all try to make it fun for both you and your fiance. This can definitely be a stressful time however if you plan accordingly, ask for help, and allow your fiance to have as much input as possible, you don’t have to let it be stressful. You will see many lists about what to do for your wedding planning but this list about what not to do. Here are 7 ways to avoid stress and becoming that “bridezilla” we all hear about.

Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography
Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

1. Talk endlessly about the wedding: It’s fun to tell family and friends about your plans but sometimes it might be a bit much to everyone. Try to keep the details to yourself and “wow” your guests the day of the wedding rather than giving them all the details before it happens.

2. Being Too Concerned With Throwing The “Perfect Wedding”: We all want to have the perfect wedding, and in our eyes our wedding is the perfect wedding and that is completely fine. But try not to be concerned with what others will think or pleasing your family or future “in laws”. It can add more stress and you don’t want to be stressed about one of the most important days of your life.

3. Neglecting Your Fiance: When you are beginning to plan meetings with potential vendors, try not to forget about your fiance. He wants to help too, and this is something you both should discuss soon after you are engaged to make sure that you are on the same page. Don’t make decisions without running everything through with him as well.

4. Becoming A Total Diva: Yes, your wedding is all about you and your fiance, but try not to lose the friendship you have with your bridesmaids as you plan your wedding because they to care just as much as you do about this new journey you will be taking on.

5. Blowing Your Wedding Budget: There are many ways to have the most beautiful wedding without spending your wedding budget. You don’t want to over exceed your budget because after the wedding you will not have the means to enjoy your marriage. Try to be organized with your budget and be straight forward with venues. Also, don’t see vendors that you know are outside of your budget because then you will be discouraged throughout your planning.

6. Not Acknowledge What Your Parents May Be Going Through: You are still a child in your parent’s eyes. Know that they too are going through a lot of emotions during your planning but also once you tie the knot. Consider their feelings about your future marriage and seek advice as much as possible, they will love that you care so much and want to please them too.

7. Crash Dieting: We all want to fit in a smaller size wedding dress but don’t go the extreme when it comes to dieting. Your fiance will love you know matter what. It’s okay if you want to get healthy but make sure you are dieting the healthy way. Seek advice from a local fitness instructor or ask your family and friends to start dieting with you and let it be a team effort.

Do you have advice for future brides out there?


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