The Art of The Boudoir with Sande Bilton



I have always loved having a camera in my hand.  I have hundreds of pictures of my family in albums and boxes.  I think I was destined to become a professional photographer!

My photography career began with Boudoir photography.  What made me want to do that?  I have absolutely no idea.  I firmly believe that God puts ideas in our heart because out of nowhere the thought of Boudoir came to me.  I googled Boudoir Photography and fell in love with what I saw.  I loved how beautiful the photos were.  They weren’t graphic or pornographic as I would have thought.  They were classy and elegant.   I didn’t sleep much that night because my head was spinning with ideas!

To this day, it is still my favorite shoot to do.   When someone hires me to do a Boudoir photo shoot – I get excited for me and her!  I’m excited for myself because I get to be creative in a way that no other shoot requires.  And I’m excited for her because I know she is going to have portraits of herself that she will treasure for the rest of her life!

Planning for a Boudoir Shoot

A Boudoir photo shoot with me begins a pre-consultation.   I sit with my client and discuss what her vision is for the shoot.  Is it a Bridal Boudoir?  A gift for her significant other for an occasion?  Or is it just for her?  Is she drawn to a soft and vintage set up or a contemporary and dramatic set up? I also ask what she plans to wear and give her ideas for that if she needs it.   95% of my clients are so nervous at the pre-consultation.  Sitting down and getting to know me, seeing my studio and my work always makes them feel a bit more comfortable about doing it.




Day of the Shoot

The day of the shoot is so exciting.  My client starts her day with a hair & makeup glam session.  I have two makeup artists that I have worked with for years who are truly the best.  The glam session is fun and gets my client loosened up and feeling confident and gorgeous.     While my client is getting her glam on, I prepare my studio.   I love pampering my clients!!   I set up my studio to coordinate with my client’s vision and I have her dressing room prepared with a comfy robe and slippers and a little sign welcoming her.  There is a rug under her feet, a place to hang her clothes and of course a big mirror.   I have mirrors everywhere in my studio!  Vanity is encouraged!!    My sessions always include a sparkly champagne or mimosas, light snacks and chocolates.   I have created a music playlist that includes pop, country and R&B.  I make sure to turn it up to have an atmosphere that is fun and playful.

My client arrives from her glam session feeling gorgeous and sexy.  I have had clients in tears telling me they never knew they could look so beautiful.  I serve them a glass of bubbly and we get started.  I always advise my clients to start out with their most modest outfit since they all start out a little shy.  I immediately start guiding my clients into poses that are comfortable and flattering.  Almost every client feels that she “should have lost a few pounds first”.  Well let me tell you – it’s totally ok!   We all have body insecurities.  I’m not photographing a mannequin – I am photographing a real woman and highlighting her beauty!!   I continually show her the back of my camera so she can see how insanely beautiful and sexy she is photographing.  Maybe it’s because I’m older, maybe a little motherly, but all of my clients loosen up with me after a little while.  They forget their insecurities and they start to really have fun.  We have lots of girl talk while we are shooting which always brings out a genuine smile and laugh and a twinkle in her eye.

The shoot is approximately two hours long and by the end, we are both exhausted!  I pour us both a glass of bubbly and while she is getting dressed and packing her stuff I set up my laptop and start to upload her photos.    As soon as she is ready, she sits at my computer and starts to immediately view her photos.  I explain to her that she needs to keep an open mind since these are raw, straight out of camera files.  She has already seen my work so she knows that from these raw files, I will create stunning portraits.  My sessions come with an album so she is selecting her favorites which I will then meticulously edit and create the album according to her specifications.




The Final Product

Once the album is ready, I carefully wrap it in tissue and place it in a white box with a bow, ready for gift giving.  I love hearing the testimonies of reactions as their albums are delivered.  Clients have told me they can’t stop crying because they are so beautiful.  I request that all clients who are gifting their albums to their significant other give me their reaction.  I want to know what he thought!

My goal with every session is for my client to have fun and to leave feeling empowered, beautiful and sexy.  I strive to create elegant and timeless portraits that she can be proud of now and for years to come.

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