Corpus Christi’s Bride Guide to Bachelorette Parties

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An event that’s ALMOST as important as the wedding is of course the Bachelorette Party! Every Bachelorette party should be memorable even if you want a more low-key get together.

Here are my Top 4 hotspots for the fun and classy Corpus Christi Bachelorette Party!

1. Hester’s Café

Get a jump start on your day and have brunch at one of the three Hester’s locations. Hester’s café is a local favorite and it’s easy to see why. They have a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food. If you want a little bit more upscale dining experience then check out the location at the Art Museum.


2. Cloud 9 Lingerie

(361) 853-7188

It’s always fun to go shopping with your girls but even more fun to shop for lingerie! You can either drop in and pick out some items for a cute goody bag to give on the day of the Bachelorette Party or stop by with all your girlfriends and have a fun day of shopping.


3. Havana

(361) 882-5552

Most Bachelorette parties are just that a party! So if you want to spice up your evening, stop by Havana Night Club and have a great time with your bridal party. The Cuban-themed nightclub is known for their amazing architecture and mojitos. You’ll be sure to have a night that you won’t forget.


4. Pure Romance Party


If you’ve never heard of Pure Romance then you should definitely attend a party with Shawna. These parties empower women and educate them on having a healthy sex life with their spouse or partner. There are free gifts and games involved too! Need I say more?


By Ashley Arevalo

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