Music Monday- Beyonce’s “Halo”

It seems like lately, Beyoncé has taken over the music world when she released her album with no announcement earlier this year. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan (don’t hurt me) even though she is an amazing artist and person. However, there is one song that I’ve always loved by the songstress!

Her song “Halo” would be perfect for a first dance or even just played as one of the songs during the reception. As I was searching the web to see if other couples’ used this song for their first dance I found plenty of videos. This song definitely seems to be a favorite amongst couples and I can see why. Perhaps Beyoncé’s highly publicized marriage with rapper, Jay-Z allows people to have a stronger connection with her because their relationship is seemingly rock solid. The song has a beautiful message about being saved by an “angel” and letting someone into your life for the better.


Would you use this song for your 1st dance?

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