Unplugged Weddings


Technology is pretty much inescapable in this day and age. We go to concerts, parties, and even out to dinner with phones in our hands ready to update the world on our every moment.

Recently couples are starting to have “Unplugged Weddings” which means exactly what you think: limited smartphone usage or no smartphone usage at all during the ceremony and reception.

I find this completely understandable because weddings are a once in a lifetime event for the bride and groom so why should guests be staring at their phone screens during this joyous occasion. Or even worse can you imagine someone’s phone going off when you are saying your vows?!

Cassie Meder a model and illustrator that I follow on good ol’ Instagram posted a blog recently about her beautiful non-traditional “unplugged” wedding.  (You can read her post here)

She writes “I was completely confident my friend Christine… would capture the moment infinitely more beautifully than an iPhone would. I hope someday that people will worry less about capturing a moment they won’t remember because they were messing with their phone and just be there without needing photographic evidence.”

This brings up a great point. Usually when people are taking pictures with their smartphones, they are hardly ever in the moment. They are literally experiencing the event through their smartphones and are too preoccupied with posting it so the whole world can see.

Not to mention that some brides and grooms are private and don’t want people that they didn’t invite to see the details of their wedding through a poorly taken Iphone photo.

So what do you all think about “Unplugged Weddings” and would you have one?

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