New Orleans Bachelorette Party

Your wedding is right around the corner and now the fun begins; starting off with your bachelorette party! When selecting the location the possibilities are endless, but we narrowed it down to one of our favorite spots to spend your bachelorette weekend, the beautiful New Orleans!

New Orleans is known for their melting pot of culture, vibrant music, great food and filled with rich history. Have fun in this magical city with a variety of options to choose from for your bachelorette weekend. New Orleans is breathtaking with its pristine backdrops perfect for any photo!

Some activities in Nola include:

Cafe Du Monde

This iconic cafe is known for the beignets sprinkled with “magical fairy dust” also known as the best confectionery sugar ever! Cafe Du Monde is the original French Market coffee stand established in 1862, so you know those recipes are amazing. It’s open 24 hours so perfect for brunch or even that late night stop after a night on the town. When you go don’t be scared by the lines because it goes by fast, but don’t forget they only accept cash!



Brunch is a must on your bachelorette weekend, and what better way to to start your bachelorette party than enjoying brunch at Brennan’s! This chic restaurant located in the French Quarter will have you and your bridesmaids swooning. Did we also mention the foods amazing? Just make sure that you make reservations before, so you are guaranteed a spot.

Ghost Tour:

Take a stroll down the historic streets of New Orleans and stop by some of the most haunted places in the country. Tour guides will give you all access on all the spooky places Nola has to offer, including the infamous Lalaurie Mansion. This isn’t your typical bachelorette party, but something you and your friends will enjoy! We recommend snagging a great deal on Groupon for a price you and your friends can’t pass up!

The Carousal Bar and Lounge: 

The historic rotating carousal bar is located in Hotel Monteleone. This long-time New Orleans hotspot is located in the French Quarter and totally instagram worthy! Take a spin on the circus-clad Merry-Go-Round and try their famous Vieux Carre cocktail.

David Carl Grulke Photography 

French Market:

The French Market is an open market spanning six blocks in the French Quarter. It’s filled with hundreds of vendors selling everything from clothing, food, and souvenirs!


Swamp Tour:

This is perfect for the adventurous bride! Grab your comfy clothes and ice chest and explore the wetlands of New Orleans. You and your friends will get up and personal with alligators and all the wildlife the wetland has to offer. This is one adventure you and your girls won’t forget. We recommend going on Groupon for a great deal!

Borbon Street:

Last but not least is the popular Bourbon Street! The partying is endless on Bourbon, with a variety of bars for the perfect bachelorette party! When you’re on Bourbon make sure to stop and buy a Hand Grenade to sip on while your walking. It’s a melon liqueur based cocktail made with rum, vodka, gin and a whole lot of sugar. With all the endless bars one of our favorites is Cat’s Meows. This has to be one of the best karaoke bars, so make sure you and your girl friends sing the night away to some Spice Girls or Shania Twain!


A Few more tips!

When looking for a place to stay we recommend skipping the hotel and getting an Airbnb that’s close by. This can be more cost effective and leave a little more money in your pocket to have fun! Finally, don’t forget to customize your bachelorette party with the perfect shirts and props to make sure your party stands out. Have fun and make your weekend memorable!


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