Game of Thrones Themed Shoot

I came across this Game of Thrones themed wedding shoot and nearly squealed with joy. I, along with the majority of the world, am obsessed with HBO’s fantasy drama TV series. Although most of the show is filled with character deaths that make me cry buckets of tears, I promise you these pictures will only bring you happiness!

I think this photographer and all the vendors involved got everything just right. Sometimes themes can walk the line of being too cheesy but the details of this shoot are still very modern.

The bouquet is very whimsical which goes along with Game of Thrones’ fantasy world. I also love the fur trim on the dresses. Totally reminds me of House Stark.
Also…let’s not forget how amazing that cake is! We think Khaleesi would be proud.

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Photos from Candice Benjamin Photography & Green Wedding Shoes



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