Sammie of Vp Wedding Planner

VP Wedding Planner is an online, but personal, wedding service that ensures effortless, stress free wedding planning for brides to be! It has a variety of features that will make it easy for you and your fiancé to plan from home, such as a budget generator that determines where you should spend your money according … Continued

Stylish Groom Shoes

When you think of awesome wedding shoes, you might just be thinking of the Bride’s Cinderella-esque jeweled pumps. But not so fast, there are grooms that have great style as well! Whether these grooms are laidback or super dressy they sure did make their brides happy when she made her way down that aisle! Check … Continued

Colorful Groom’s Ties

Groom’s style has changed a lot over the years. Most Grooms can usually be seen in a nice black or grey suit and a simple boutonniere. But I think it’s great to liven things up a little! A trend that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is printed ties on Grooms and groomsmen. This adds … Continued

Fun Boutonnieres!

Who said Brides get to have all of the fun on their wedding day? Most boutonnieres tend to be overlooked but I think they are a great detail that have the potential in showcasing what the Groom is all about. It’s understandable that some Grooms want to leave every detail up to the Bride in … Continued

Find The Perfect Fit-Tuxedo Junction

Grooms: Are you searching for the perfect tux to impress your beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle? Her eyes will be on you so its important you look awesome! This is your wedding day too and the greatest part…you get to suit up! Did you know that Tuxedo Junction offers same day service, can … Continued

Game of Thrones Themed Shoot

I came across this Game of Thrones themed wedding shoot and nearly squealed with joy. I, along with the majority of the world, am obsessed with HBO’s fantasy drama TV series. Although most of the show is filled with character deaths that make me cry buckets of tears, I promise you these pictures will only … Continued

Weddings Bands for Grooms

Most of the time, I feel like Groom’s get the short end of the stick. I mean sure, they’re getting married to the love of their lives but most of the attention and detail is spent on the Bride. I see a lot of really simple weddings bands for Grooms, and of course guys tend … Continued

Fit Groom

Happy Monday everyone! It is the second week of October and with that we are going to begin this day by sharing our Fit Groom article written by one of our long term contributors and advertiser Adam Farrell, Owner of Pinnacle Performance and Fitness! Adam has been in the fitness and sports business for over 10 … Continued