Choose the Best Wedding Style

My fiance David and I have set a wedding date for next summer July 25, 2015, booked the church, and in the process of booking the venue/caterer! It’s a wonderful feeling to scratch those three off of the to-do-list.   Now that we have the most important steps to planning a wedding complete, it’s time to … Continued

50 Best Proposal Ideas!

Wedding Proposals! A day or night that will be remembered forever. How a man proposes to his future wife definitely sets the tone for the upcoming relationship and marriage. I came across this blog that has 50 best proposal ideas! If you already have a plan for how you will propose to your future wife, … Continued

Fit Groom

Happy Monday everyone! It is the second week of October and with that we are going to begin this day by sharing our Fit Groom article written by one of our long term contributors and advertiser Adam Farrell, Owner of Pinnacle Performance and Fitness! Adam has been in the fitness and sports business for over 10 … Continued

Suit Up. Look Good.

Here is an article written by Aubrey Winston, one of our contributing writers for The One, from one of our long term advertisers; the Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz International Center! Enjoy! Suit Up. Look Good.  So you’re engaged! Time to start the wedding planning. Time to start putting together everything you’ve ever dreamed about. Decisions … Continued

Tips For Grooms

The theme of the upcoming October issue is “GROOMS”! With this topic, I decided to do some research about how to get your groom involved in the planning process of your big day! Many may believe that the planning is done by the bride and her family but grooms would like to be involved just … Continued