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Happy Monday everyone! It is the second week of October and with that we are going to begin this day by sharing our Fit Groom article written by one of our long term contributors and advertiser Adam Farrell, Owner of Pinnacle Performance and Fitness! Adam has been in the fitness and sports business for over 10 years! Here are some great tips for grooms out there looking to be a healthier version of themselves, especially on their wedding day! 


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Fellas, looking fit and athletic on your wedding day is not just for your bride-to-be. If you have a few lbs. to take off before you put 
on your tux, but you are not sure how to go about it, I have created a 6, 3 and/or 1-Month plan for you to follow to get you looking and 
feeling great on your wedding day. Obviously, there are many variables but if you stick the basics you will feel confident and look athletic on your wedding day.
6-Months Out – You have time to plan and make a huge impact on your health, physique and strength.
Nutrition: Eat Clean, Lean, Green and Often

1. Focus on eating lean, non-fried cuts of meat, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs 
or wild game every time you eat.
2. Eat dark, colorful fruits and veggies every day. Nuts and legumes make great snacks.
3. Save processed foods like chips, tortillas, cookies and cakes for either 
a special treat or immediately following a workout.
4. Shoot for 4-6 small meals/feedings per day.
5. Cut back on your soda consumption as much as you can. If you can’t stop, limit yourself to one or two per week as a treat.
6. Take the sugar out of your iced tea. If you need a sweetener, add Stevia.
7. If you are a beer, liquor or wine cooler (just kidding) drinker, I would recommend you stop or cut back significantly. The sooner you limit or stop the empty sugar calories you get from booze, beer and soda, the sooner you will begin seeing results.
8. Plan your meals out for the week. Know what and where you are going to eat each day so you can be successful.


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Workout: Train your whole body each workout 2-3x’s per week

1. Limit your workouts to 30-45 minutes. Forcing yourself to get all your work done in a shorter amount of time will get you focused, decrease your rest time and stoke your metabolism.
2. Don’t train individual muscles. Train multiple muscle groups at one time to increase the metabolic demand on your body.
3. Take 5 minutes to warm up doing similar exercises as your workout, but without any extra resistance.
4. To build an efficient workout use an upper 
body pressing exercise, a lower body pulling exercise, a core exercise, an upper body pulling exercise then a lower body pressing exercise. Think push-ups, deadlifts, side planks, chin ups, and split squats. Perform 8-15 reps before moving to the next exercise. Repeat all the exercises as time permits but no more than 
20-25 minutes.
5. On the days you don’t lift, go for a walk, jog, swim, or ride your bike for about 20-minutes. This will help with soreness and continue your metabolic burn the day after your workout.
6. If you have not trained before or it has been a long time, start off easy. Take longer to warm up and cool down, maybe start off with one set of each exercise with only your body weight or a weight you can lift 8-10 times without any joints hurting. You don’t want to get hurt or sick when first starting out.
7. Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Your body repairs itself while you sleep. Good, consistent sleep is essential while training.
3-Months Out – Intense focus needs to be on nutrition and movement to look and feel your best on your wedding day and night.

Follow the tips above, give more focus to cleaning up your nutrition. You will get more results by focusing on what you eat and drink than just working out alone. Training is good, but training while eliminating sugary foods and drinks will get you the results you are looking for more quickly. Don’t miss out on the 6-8 hours of sleep as well. Continue to get your two to three strength training sessions in per week.
1-Month Out – It is a little late in the game, but changes can still be made.

Be diligent about eating as clean, lean, and green as possible. Continue to get in your three 30-45 minute strength training sessions and your cardio on your days in between. Don’t miss out on your 6-8 hours of sleep. The exception may be on your bachelor party! Even though it is “her day” you can still look and feel great. If you implement the tips above, your body and your bride-to-be will thank you for it.
Committed to Your Success,
Adam Farrell M.S. CSCS 
Owner Pinnacle Performance and Fitness


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