Thanksgiving Themed Weddings

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away. When you think about it, Thanksgiving is probably the perfect holiday to base your wedding off of. I mean think of all the family time,beautiful table centerpieces and of course the food! Here’s a couple of Thanksgiving wedding ideas that I found while perusing the internet. Obviously, … Continued

Bridal Tiaras

A lot of Brides imagine themselves looking like they walked out of a fairy tale on their wedding day. So how about a pretty tiara to really make you feel like a princess? When I think of a bride in tiara sometimes I can feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head, but … Continued

Pronovias 2016 collection

If you’re a bride who sees herself walking down the aisle in a classically beautiful lace creation, then a Pronovias gown is definitely for you! The Spanish bridal house has been providing brides all over the world with their dream wedding dresses for 50 years.   This 2016 collection is stunning! I’m almost overwhelmed with … Continued

Katherine Ann Ashley & Orlynn Richard Rogers Jr Wedding

Katherine Ann Ashley & Orlynn Richard Rogers Jr November 1, 2014 • Sandia, TX • Engaged for 15 months   Colors: Hidden Antler camouflage and champagne Ceremony & Reception: Knolle Farm Bed and Breakfast in Sandia, TX, 250 guests Rehearsal dinner: Big Sam’s Bar and Grill in Calallen, Texas, 55 guests Wedding planner: The Bride, … Continued

HEB Blooms

  Ask any wedding planner and you will get the same answer: fresh flowers remain the hallmark of wedding tradition. Fresh flowers on a bride’s wedding day trace their roots back to the ancient Greeks, when bridesmaids would weave a floral laurel and place it on the head of the betrothed. In England, flowers would … Continued

Single Bloom Bouquets

An easy way to save some money on your wedding day without compromising the overall look of your celebration is to have single bloom bouquets! Instead of having several flowers making up a traditional bouquet, some brides are choosing a large single flower. These types of bouquets actually look really cute and add a quirky … Continued

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Designing and baking cakes is no doubt an amazing and yummy form of art. A recent trend that has popped up all over Pinterest and my favorite bridal blogs are hand painted cakes! Just like traditional art has its’ many styles so do cakes. The artist who is designing your cake will be able to … Continued

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Inspiration

Whether you’re Irish or not, everyone loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! When anyone thinks of this holiday, they are bound to think of an unforgettable celebration. Which is why a St. Patrick’s Day wedding is a perfect theme for someone who has Irish genes or if they just love the color green! I love … Continued

Fairy-Tale Wedding Inspiration

Some of us grow up watching Disney Princess movies and dream of the day when we find a Prince of our own. If you’ve always been obsessed with fairy-tales then a enchanted fairy tale wedding is perfect for you. If you have a favorite fairytale  like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty then try to incorporate those … Continued

Geometric Weddings

Geometry was never one of my stronger subjects in school but I really love these shape filled weddings! Geometric weddings combine modern design elements with your favorite shapes. When adding geometric elements to your wedding it’s important to think about the venue of your wedding or reception. Most of the geometric weddings that I have … Continued