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Grooms: Are you searching for the perfect tux to impress your beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle? Her eyes will be on you so its important you look awesome! This is your wedding day too and the greatest part…you get to suit up! Did you know that Tuxedo Junction offers same day service, can match any color, offers in-house alterations, and includes the latest tuxedo trends?

Tuxedo Junction Corpus Christi is locally owned and operated by Richard & Rose Hebert. The One Team made a visit at the new location at 5425 South Staples Street in Corpus Christi to discuss all that Tuxedo Junction stands for, offers, and learn about the latest trends in the industry. Speaking with Richard Hebert about his history and how he grew up learning to sew and tailor suites was remarkable.  It’s great to know that the staff at Tuxedo Junction is highly qualified in the tuxedo business and can offer advice from their own experiences.

What’s trending? According to Richard, steel grey, navy blues, and lighter greys are becoming very popular tuxedo colors, rather than the traditional black. But, the traditional black tuxedo is not going away anytime soon. People will always love tradition and black sure does look very sophisticated and elegant.

If you are a groom that is searching for something different, unique, and not so traditional, choose the steel grey or even the navy blue! Also, suspenders are becoming very popular. Lose the coat and keep it simple but still classy. You will definitely stand out and make a statement at your wedding.


Advice for the groom-to-be:
-Research trends, colors, and what type of tuxedo you prefer
-Ask your bride-to-be about her opinion
-Visit Tuxedo Junction at least 5 months before the big day
-Try on different styles, Tuxedo Junction can match any color
-The experts at Tuxedo Junction will help you find the perfect fit
-Weeks before the big day bring in your groomsmen for fittings and alterations
-Never forget that this is your big day and you want to impress your bride

We at The One recommend to all the grooms-to-be out there to stop by at Tuxedo Junction for outstanding service and high quality tuxedos. Let them help you find the perfect tuxedo for your wedding day!

The One Team

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