Bourbon Street Candy Co.


With 75 flavors of chocolate and 17 flavors of fudge along with a plethora of other candy to choose from, Bourbon Street Candy Co. in La Palmera Mall have an assortment of treats to make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

If you want to give your Valentine a classic edible treat then you can never go wrong with their boxed chocolates. For something more customizable you can pick out all your loved one’s favorite candy and Bourbon Street can make it into a fancy gift basket. Another great gift would be Bourbon Street’s candy bags! They come in different sizes and range from $.49- $.99. You can fill them up with M&M’s, sour candy, and more. The bags can also be wrapped in special Valentines cellophane and ribbon.

Also if you’re planning a wedding then a candy bar filled with treats of your choice from Bourbon Street would be the perfect addition to your reception.
According to Beth Mills of Bourbon Street Candy Co. “candy bars are popular at weddings because they’re different and beautiful. It’s not a decoration you have to dust. It also helps people mingle”. Bourbon Street Candy Co have 300 types of candy to choose from that can match the color of your wedding palate!

Whether you’re looking for a delicious treat for that special someone or planning for your big day, Bourbon Street Candy Co. is your one stop candy shop.

All photos by Ashley

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