Marriage Veterans: Edward and Janie Gonzales

Every love story wants to have their own happily ever after, but before we can get to the end of the story, we must first fill in the pages. Even though life gets tough and things get rough, there are still some couples who’s commitment persists through the years. Our newest Wedding Veterans are two people that are very dear to me. My parents, Edward and Janie Gonzales, have been married a grand  total of 22 years, and still going strong.

When were you married?
May 13, 1989

How many years?
22 years

What’s the best part of your marriage?
Janie: My children.
Edward: Definitely my kids

What’s your song?
“Cherish” by Kool and the Gang

Favorite memory?
Janie: Eddie and I had been seeing each other for a few months, and I wanted to know if he considered us an official couple. So I asked him “So are we going around?”
Eddie: (by this point he’s laughing) “Um…going around what?” It was hilarious.
Janie: As embarrassing as it is, it is definitely our favorite moment.

Where did you meet?
Janie: At Del Mar College. We were both taking a chemistry class, and the moment I saw him I knew that I had to ask him to be my lab partner.
Edward: Yeah. We both failed that class.

What’s helped you stay in love?
Janie: Remembering why I fell in love with him in the first place.
Edward: Each other

How was the proposal made?
Janie: We had been dating for about six years, and that Christmas, while I was wrapping presents, I asked him “Are we getting married?” and he said “Yeah.”
Edward: (silent)

Advice for engaged/ newlywed couples?
Janie: Stay true to your vows and commitments towards one another. Take the time to listen. Grow together over time.
Edward: Talk. Don’t speculate and don’t let anyone interfere. It’s a marriage. Just the two of you for the rest of your lives.

The love that my parents have for one another runs deep. Through thick and thin, they’ve stayed together, and I only hope that one day I find a love like theirs.

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