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I’m the type of girl that squeals at heart warming and adorable details, like miniature top hats or guys who are really good with children. There are so many sappy aspects involved with weddings, tear jerking and awe-inspiring in their own rights. My cup of tea. But oddly enough I found something else that makes me squeal just as much, if not more, than all those other things. Personally I have very few girlfriends (close ones, anyway) and am very vocal with how important they are to me. Now you may have a gaggle of girlfriends, which is no small feat, and this certainly pertains to you as well.

Each time I think about asking my best friend Brittany to be my maid of honor, it feels so weird. “Would you like to be in my wedding party?” sounds way too informal and awkward for the type of relationship we share. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, closer to me than family. But before this gets too sentimental I’ll cut right to the chase: bridesmaids invitations. I think this is such a rad idea to make the members of your bridal party feel special, and show your creativity! If you’re like me, and have an extremely close friend, this could be your opportunity to create that moment of sincerity linking them to your wedding. Or you could go nuts and make some unique bridesmaids invites to jazz up a potentially awkward situation. Below are a few ideas Marinna helped me collect, all of which I can’t wait to try…in like ten years.

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