Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Lots of couples in Corpus Christi choose to get married by the beach or even at a rustic ranch. But if this isn’t your style then you should try having a woodland wedding! You might have to journey up north to get the desired effect but it will be worth it. Woodland weddings look like … Continued

Fall Bouquets

Now that the seasons have changed, we must say a temporary good bye to all those beautiful summer flowers. But fear not, Fall has some seriously gorgeous seasonal blooms too! Although the colors are a little muted, these bouquets featured below will have you looking forward to cooler weather. I personally love all the hints … Continued


If you and your partner always find yourself having horror movie marathons and thinking of your costume months ahead then a Hallowedding might be perfect for you. Couples who get married on Halloween tend to embrace the dark side of life and enjoy all things spooky or they just do it because they know it’ll … Continued

Ways to Use Pumpkins In Your Wedding

When I think of fall, a lot of things come to mind. I think of the cooler weather, Halloween, and all the cute décor that comes with the changing season. Pumpkins are an adorable seasonal decoration and they can be used for so many different things when you are deciding how you want to decorate … Continued

“Wild in Love”- Safari Inspiration

I’ve always thought themed weddings are a really cute idea when they are done right.  I’ve been wanting to make theme mood boards for awhile now and what better way to start with a fun safari theme?! If you and your fiancé are animal lovers, then a safari themed wedding might be perfect for you! … Continued

Chalkboard Signs

You used to see them in your classroom or you probably had your own at home to play with. Chalkboards are a huge trend in the weddings right now. Who knew that this classroom staple would be so trendy? A lot of couples have gotten really creative with all the uses of a simple chalkboard. … Continued