St. Patrick’s Day Mood Board

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that honors the work of Saint Patrick and the Irish culture in general. We often celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing our favorite green outfits and attending festivals in our city. A lot of couples with Irish heritage might choose St. Patrick’s Day to get married or have a … Continued

Bold Bronze Mood Board

When couples choose metallic colors for their weddings they usually choose gold and silver. But who knew this bronze/copper color would be so inviting? On Pinterest, I saw that a lot of couples chose this color to pair with a dusty blue. It creates a nice effect because of the high contrast. However, I’m liking … Continued

Grey & Gold Color Inspiration

Lately, we’ve been having some pretty dreary weather in South Texas and I wanted to make a mood board that would capture that. This grey and gold color combo would be perfect for a January wedding. I love how these colors work so well together even thought they are both so different. The grey brings … Continued

Turquoise & Pink Moodboard

When I think of the colors pink and turquoise, I automatically think of a good time. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful that I think they’d be ideal for a summer wedding. I love how the couple in the top left corner incorporated their color scheme into the Groom’s outfit too. Who says Groom’s … Continued