Blizzard of Love

Ah winter. A season filled with cuddles and hot chocolate. A time where people gather for the holidays and even some exceptional weddings. Even though in South Texas winter is something hard to come by, winter weddings can still be beautiful and filled with warm ideas.
Centerpieces: Much of the time winter wedding centerpieces consist of icicles and I personally think that’s a little too cliché. What I find to be extremely elegant, as well as fitting for the season, is a bare tree as a centerpiece. With candles around it, you have the warm glow of a wedding, as well as an example of winter’s chill. Now, if you just insist on having icicles at your wedding, here’s an example of what some brides do. They incorporate icicles with candles and a bare tree.

Food: With winter comes a lot of the comforting holiday foods, and these would be great to serve at your wedding. The only problem is that a lot of these foods are really heavy and tend to make people lethargic. No one wants lazy guests at their wedding. What can be done about this you ask? Well, you could serve them the same comforting foods, just give them smaller portion and more to choose from. That way the guests can eat delicious food and still be light on their feet once the dancing starts.
Your Dress: When it comes to winter dresses, I love this look. It’s not only classy, but will also help keep you warm. Another classic look that I just adore is a dress with long sleeves or a jacket.

Color Schemes: Since the color white is everywhere, why not change it up? Silver is something that many brides have used in their weddings and I for one don’t think that it’s ever going to go out of style. You could also use different shades of blue as perhaps your main color and off set it with silvers and whites. If you want to go a little unconventional gold can be used or even red.
Bouquets: I love the looks of Juniper boughs in a bouquet, and for winter they seem perfect. Ranunculus, Vendela Rose and Lilies of the Valley would also fair well being in a winter wedding bouquet. But perhaps my favorite flower for winter is the Casablanca Lily.
I hope this helped you gather ideas for a wonderful winter wedding. Now go and cuddle up with your love.
Stay warm!

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