Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead): Culture & Weddings

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today in Mexican and other cultures begins the connection with the Christian triduum of Hallowmas: October 31st Hallows Eve, November 1st All Saints Day, and November 2nd All Souls Day. On these three days, people gather together and honor the deceased by celebrating their lives. This tradition has been alive for thousands of years and continues to be very popular in today’s society. Many people are also married on either of these three days and incorporate their deceased relatives into their wedding. These traditions are popular and embrace the deep rooted heritage and emphasis on “Til Death Do Us Part”. The weddings that take place on these days are not your average weddings. Bright and bold colors, sugar skulls and cake toppers, banners, deep colored roses, sure make a statement at the wedding receptions but the idea is to celebrate life! Weddings are days of celebration and two people in love becoming one in holy matrimony in front of their loved ones and also those who have passed on. These three days are a remembrance of loved ones and to remember that loved ones are always with us even if they have passed on. This is a great tradition to value and honor those in your life and will create amazing memories, especially on your wedding day. It’s a new beginning for you and your spouse too!

In our magazine, The One Bride Guide volume 5 issue 3, we featured a wedding with the Day of The Dead theme; Elena Ruiz & Gerald Flores (see pictures above and below from their wedding). This couple included an altar of pictures with loved ones who have passed on and also displayed different pieces of their Mexican culture such as skulls (calaveras) to put on the tables and other custom art pieces.




Please share some of your traditions on these upcoming days and if you have had or attended a wedding with a Dia de Los Muertos theme!

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