Enjoy Being Engaged

Hey everyone!

As some of you may or may not know, I am recently engaged to the love of my life! His name is David Riojas and we are extremely excited to be begin this new chapter in our lives as bride & groom-to- be.

We have been engaged for a few weeks now and the question everyone is asking us “when is the big day”, “do you have a date yet”, “where you are getting married”. When we are approached about all of this we begin to think of all the wedding planning that we must do to create the perfect wedding for us. Our usual response is “we are not sure just yet”, “hoping for next summer”, “any suggestions”, and last but definitely most important in my eyes “we are simply enjoying our engagement right now”.

I’ve read several articles about what to do after you are engaged, and I have even written a blog post (see post)¬†about it on here months ago. Both David and I have realized that we want to enjoy every single day with each other, even when we begin planning our big day together. We know that we both have different styles, so planning our big day is going to take more time because we want both of our styles to be incorporated into the wedding. It’s not just “my day”, its “our day”. I think couples sometimes forget about this, the groom wants to feel important too.

Since we have been engaged, we do have a few things scratched off the list like choosing a wedding party, which city we will marry in and a budget. I am most looking forward to walking down the aisle with my Dad, being at the altar, holding David’s hands and expressing our love to each other in front of God.

We are just so excited that right now we are open to creative ideas that we can add to the wedding. I’ll be sharing more with you all soon! Always my best,

Monica Trevino
Sales, Marketing & PR/Blogger
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