Technology: This Isn’t Your Mom’s Wedding

Remember when life was simple? You found the love of your life, planned the wedding, and then stressed about the wedding day for MONTHS. You book the photographer and/or videographer, the music, the church, and the reception hall. You obsessed over the colors, decorations, and center pieces. Sure, a lot went into planning, just as it does today, but the planning was much simpler.

It’s 2017 and we have a vast ocean of choices to add a bit of flare to your special day. Here are a few examples of some ways to mix it up a little on your big day with some technology.

1. Guest Photography

Long gone are the days of the disposable cameras. Remember the neat idea of buying disposable cameras for your guests to snap crazy, weird, awesome photos? Super fun idea, however, who really wants to budget the cost of the cameras plus developing the film into their wedding? Chances are the money could be better spent elsewhere. Don’t worry, though! Just utilize the cell phone at everyone’s fingertips! With free apps like WedPics and Instagram, you can still have the same experience in digital form. WedPics is a free app for both Android and iPhones. The bride and groom simply register online and create a Wedding ID that they can, in turn, give to their guests. Guests will download the app and enter the ID so on the day of the wedding they can upload any pictures they take at the wedding event. Genius idea, right? If you prefer to keep it even more simple, you can always use Instagram and simply create a unique hashtag and have guests upload to their own account using the preferred tag.

2. Wedding Drones

Want impossibly cool photos or video? Your photographer or videographer may just be able to accommodate by using a drone in their work to get those hard-to-get angles and shots. Really capture the magic of it all!

3. Live-Stream Your Wedding

Big into social media? Or maybe you have family or friends that are not able to attend the wedding. Now, you can have someone take video of the moment you both say “I do” live online.

4. Charging Stations and Selfie Sticks

We never want the party to stop, especially when it comes to our phones. Supply your guests with a charging station by buying cords for both Android and iPhones, both old and new models. Also, add a fun twist to your table center pieces by providing a selfie stick at each table. Really get the party started!


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