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We at The One love hearing your feedback about our magazine and also creating relationships with our readers, contributors, and advertisers. Today we are reminding you about how you can be a part of The One Bride Guide!

Created by Monica Trevino


Here are several ways you can be a part of The One Bride Guide!

1. Do you have your own business? Did you know that The One Bride Guide magazine offers an Off White Pages Directory including a variety of categories that your business can be listed under? It is FREE to get listed and we are always accepting new listings for our magazine which are included in every print issue and on our website! Visit our Off White Pages Directory site for more info!

Are you recently engaged? Married? Or believe that you should have your wedding featured in our upcoming issues of The One?

2.Announce your engagement or wedding! In the front pages of our print magazine, we have a section that is for anyone wanting to purchase an announcement for either their engagement or wedding! This includes a photo and a description!

3.Submit a wedding spotlight! We love receiving wedding spotlights and with that, if you believe that your wedding is a perfect fit for our upcoming issues then submit a wedding spotlight form and you may be selected to be in the next issue of The One!

We also enjoy receiving photos from local photographers to add to our Style Pages in our issues and if you would be interested in writing please send us writing samples! For all inquiries and questions please email us at “[email protected]”.

The deadline for the June issue is April 4th. This is the last day we will accept listings, wedding spotlights, announcements, photos, and also contracts for advertising. Thank you!


Always my best,

Monica B. Trevino
Sales, Marketing & PR

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