The Vendor Diaries: White Stripe Catering

Food is an essential in life, and most definitely an essential aspect of your wedding! Today’s vendor is a catering business called White Stripe Catering, and I can honestly say this is the most challenging article to write simply because I want to eat everything this catering company has to offer! While Marinna and I were looking at pictures of food on the White Stripe website, I swear my stomach must have grumbled at least ten times. Suzanne Perrine and Scott Stover have truly taken event catering to the next level. Whether they’re catering a birthday party or gala, everything is cooked to perfection and eloquently arranged. I have only good things to say about White Stripe, and hopefully you gain more tasty information about them through this article!

1.    Do you have a signature dish?
We have many crowd favorites but our savory White Stripe BBQ Shrimp (cooked on site) seems to be the most loved by our clients.  Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee come in at a tie on the sweet side.  A client told us the other day that our Creme Brulee was the work of the devil.

2.    What brought you into the catering industry?
Scott and I really wanted to do something on our own and a restaurant just wasn’t it.  We both love what we do and catering has turned out to be the perfect thing for us.  We love to cook and we love our clients!

3.    What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever gotten for an event?
Nothing is really ever to weird in this business, clients can come up with some pretty interesting requests but we are able to accommodate most of them.  Our motto is we can do whatever you want to pay for!

4.    How many wedding receptions have you catered?
Too many to count and the numbers are climbing.

5.    What types of food do you offer/what’s on your menu?
Pretty much the only thing we don’t do is traditional BBQ, there are plenty of great places to get that here in the Coastal bend.  Our web site,, offers an array of different selections.  However, this is just a starting point.  90% of our event menus are custom made to suit the individual clients needs and desires.

6.    How long have you been in the business of catering?
We have been doing this on our own going on eight years now.

7.    What’s the best/your favorite thing about catering weddings?
We love to cater weddings; this is the Bride and Grooms special day.  It is a celebration of beginning a new life together and we are always thrilled to be a part of making the vision of their perfect day well, perfect…

Now that I’m properly starving, the only thing left to do is thank Suzanne and Steve for their contribution to our blog and The One. Seriously keep them in mind the next time you need any type of catering at all!

Your salivating blogger,

Stephanie Baldwin

Photos courtesy to White Stripe Catering Company.


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