The Vendor Diaries: White Stripe Catering

Food is an essential in life, and most definitely an essential aspect of your wedding! Today’s vendor is a catering business called White Stripe Catering, and I can honestly say this is the most challenging article to write simply because I want to eat everything this catering company has to offer! While Marinna and I … Continued

Really Really Cool Stuff We Found: Awesome Dresses

Have you ever been browsing the internet and happen to stumble upon something hilarious or bizarre that you just had to share? Us too! Marinna and I are always finding interesting dresses, styles, cakes, themes, and a whole bunch more when doing research for the blog, so we decided to share these really really cool … Continued

The Vendor Diaries: Aria Sky Lounge and Terrace

For a wedding, the venue is everything. Whether it’s for the reception or the ceremony itself, the place almost always reflects the personality of the bride or groom. If the couple is religious, a ceremony in their place of worship can be expected; or if the couple is a little quirky, in a museum! Today’s … Continued