Really Really Cool Stuff We Found: Awesome Dresses

Have you ever been browsing the internet and happen to stumble upon something hilarious or bizarre that you just had to share? Us too! Marinna and I are always finding interesting dresses, styles, cakes, themes, and a whole bunch more when doing research for the blog, so we decided to share these really really cool (and sometimes a little weird) things with our readers; thus “Really Really Cool Stuff We Found” was born! While on the website Oddee, browsing around their lists of weird pictures, I found probably the most interesting compilation of wedding dresses I’ve seen to date.

I find this dress more silly and facepalm worthy than interesting, but hey to each his own right? Although the print isn’t my favorite to say the least I do adore the style and cut of the bodice! This gray cloud does have a silver lining after all.

Now this is the type of fashion I would definitely invest in; this gorgeous dress is actually made completely out of chocolate! Bon app├ętit Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs.

This is the really really cool part, despite the fact that these people aren’t getting married. Pretty much everything on these reality star’s bodies are covered in paint to create a unique wedding dress and yes, even a kilt. I mean seriously how much more cool can you get?!

The next two dresses we have are made out of paper. The one above, classy cut out couture.

This one…toilet paper and glue. Creative: yes! Cool: most definitely! Am I ever going to wear a toilet paper wedding dress? Probably not.


You would be surprised at all the stuff we find on the internet! Then again…maybe not. Check in again soon for another edition of “Really Really Cool Stuff We Found” for, well…really really cool stuff!


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Stephanie Baldwin


Photos courtesy of: Oddee


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