The Vendor Diaries: Aria Sky Lounge and Terrace

For a wedding, the venue is everything. Whether it’s for the reception or the ceremony itself, the place almost always reflects the personality of the bride or groom. If the couple is religious, a ceremony in their place of worship can be expected; or if the couple is a little quirky, in a museum! Today’s article is about a truly beautiful venue we have here in Corpus Christi, called Aria Sky Terrace and Lounge. Boasting an impressive 10,000 square foot, three-story facility it is the absolute wedding spot for either a ceremony or reception. We asked Lindsey Pietsch, who co-owns Aria with her husband, a few questions about the venue so that our readers could get better insight on the establishment.

1.    In one word, how would you describe your venue?

2.    What’s the most unique aspect of this venue?
The 4 versatile spaces you can use separately or combined to create the perfect reception space.

3.    How would this venue make a wedding reception one to remember?
Simply by the sheer uniqueness of the venue from the style, to the way it looks.  You can do so much with it and change the space in so many ways.  You will never see the same wedding over and over again here.

4.    How many people can be seated or fit in the venue?
Because of the different spaces we can accommodate groups of 50-500

5.    How many wedding related events have been held at this venue?
Somewhere between 10-15.  Our goal is to work with creative brides who want a different ceremony/reception and not the same thing that everyone else does.  We like working with people who truly believe in this venue for them.

6.    What does Aria have to offer that others don’t?
Affordability.  Hands down.  You get a lot of bang for your buck at Aria.

7.    What are your top three reasons this is the best venue choice?
Affordability, Unique Setting, Endless options for decor/colors, etc

8.    Are there any fun facts you’d like to share?
The owners had their wedding reception at Aria.

We absolutely adore Aria! We love it so much we chose Aria and Lindsey for the cover of our latest The One issue. Keep it in mind when deciding on venues and check out their website at for more information.

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  1. MonTy

    I love this place! My family recently had a reception here and it was amazing. There was plenty of room to fit my entire (huge) family and still have room for food, a dance floor, and a dj. Freakin awesome.

  2. stephanie

    We think so too Monty! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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