How to Propose to your Bridesmaids



You just said yes to the ultimate question and now it’s time to find your ultimate bridal squad. Your bridesmaids will make the stressful time of planning a wedding just a little easier by being there to support you and help you along the way.

These women have made a big impact on your life so why not show them how much they mean to you by asking them to be by your side in a cute and meaningful way. Bride to be, Allison Ramirez believes “brides forget sometimes that the help they receive from family and friends is based on love. Not to be cheesy, but we can’t take that love for granted. We need to show these people how special they are and how much we appreciate them.”

This is the reason why so many brides have decided to go the extra mile and “propose” to their bridesmaids. Proposing can be as simple as asking her out to lunch and proposing there or as extravagant as sending her piñata with the message inside.

If you’re having trouble with how to pop the question then just think of what interests her. For example if your bridesmaid is a foodie then ask her with a gourmet cupcake from a local bakery with the message on top. If she is always prepared for a night out then what about cute glitter dipped champagne bottles like Bride, Danielle Riley Garza used to ask her bridesmaids.


A lot of brides choose to ask their bridesmaids by using proposal boxes filled with cute jewelry, face masks and stationery. Bride Danielle Riley, recommends filling the proposal boxes with paint swatches. She states “I remember they loved how I included the paint swatches of our color scheme so they could start to get a feel for our wedding.

In the end, there are so many different ways to make your bridesmaids feel special. So check out our list of ideas below to inspire you to pop the question.

How are you going to propose to your bridesmaids?

  1. This flask from Flowertown weddings says it all!



2. Make your bridesmaids feel like they are winning the lottery when you propose with this customized scratch off from Inklings Paperieil_570xn-676155003_j9v2


3. This piñata from Calligraphy Cult is by far the cutest way you can ask your future bridesmaid. il_570xn-1012039674_h2mc

4. This adorable puzzle from ShopPrettyInRose is the perfect fitil_570xn-964439168_92vc

5. Propose by using this fresh scented candle from FreshlyScented






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