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Happy Friday everyone!

Today as I was browsing boards on Pinterest seeking creative ideas for your next event or upcoming wedding, I found several new trends that are becoming very popular for this season and the next! I came across Superstar Kelly Clarkson and her lace wedding gown, adding pearls to your decorations and style, the ombre color scheme, and brooch bouquets!

Superstar Kelly Clarkson recently said “I Do” and her wedding dress has received a lot of buzz because of the unique lace style. The wedding dress was by Temperley Bridal’s “Jessamine” from the Iris collection. Clarkson also added a very charming headpiece headband by Maria Elena Headpieces and a beautiful sunflower and bluebonnet bouquet! Clarkson had a very small wedding including her and new husband Brandon Blackstock and his two children from a previous marriage. The couple did not want to have a large reception but rather something much more intimate. Her dress is absolutely beautiful! I think its great that Kelly Clarkson decided to go with a more vintage look and also a very peaceful and intimate ceremony. What are your thoughts on her wedding gown choice?


Pearls Pearls Pearls! Don’t we all love pearls? Pearls are a great accessory to dress up an outfit,  but also to add elegance to your wedding decor. As I was on Pinterest, I found many posts about adding pearls to your wedding or even your wedding day beauty. I came across the following blog by David Tutera, where they have a post written about incorporating pearls with your decorations such as centerpieces and even your wedding cake! Pearls add a simplistic touch to your decorations but also create elegance.

The Ombre style has been a big hit this past year and now it is an even bigger hit in the wedding industry! The trend is to add a lot of color and fun to your wedding but in a way that is still elegant and breathtaking. The ombre theme is all about adding different variations of a specific color that bring an entire new look to your wedding. Guests will love the bright colors and creativity of your decorations, cake, and even your bridesmaid dresses. The trends are changing and people are going with a different look this season and next!

The Brooch Bouquet! I have come across several different images online and on Pinterest including very creative wedding bouquets! Why not change tradition and create something that will last a lifetime? I absolutely love the idea of incorporating brooches and other materials to your wedding bouquet! You do not have to do away with flowers all the way! Brooches will add great color and detail to any of your decorations and centerpieces for your wedding. Brooches definitely add a new look to your bouquet because the colors are more vibrant and it also makes a great hit for fun and creativity. Your guests will be sure to remember your beautiful bouquet and will make great photos at the end of the day.


What do you think about these trends? Would you consider adding pearls, ombre, and a brooch wedding bouquet for your big day? I will be sure to post any other trends that I find! Share your favorite trends with us and I will post your photos on our blog! Thanks,


Your trendy blogger, 

-Monica B. Trevino

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