The Best Bridal Shoes

Your shoes for your wedding day are almost as important as the dress. Even if you can’t see your shoes because your dress covers them they still need to be comfortable or fit the whole vibe of your wedding. Whether you want to splurge or save we got you covered with all the best shoes … Continued

New Honeymoon Clothing at Bliss Bridal!

If you’ve already found the perfect wedding dress then you’re pretty much set! But have you found the perfect clothes for the honeymoon? Bliss Bridal, Prom and Formal Wear carry clothing from Spanish casual brand, Desigual. The bright prints mixed with comfortable clothing would suit any honeymoon destination from a road trip across Texas to … Continued

Chanel Bridal Shower Theme

Since there are a never ending amount of cute bridal shower/bachelorette party themes on pinterest, choosing a theme to write about wasn’t that hard. In the end, I decided to choose something close to my heart which is FASHION! Bridal showers and Bachelorette parties can be almost as fun or even more fun than the … Continued

Black Wedding Dresses

Black wedding dresses have been considered a major taboo in society partly because when people think of black they think of funerals or other things that shouldn’t be associated with weddings. However, black is just a color and whatever stigma it has should be thrown out the window when a Bride wants to wear it … Continued

Michael Cinco Fall/Winter Collection

I came across Michael Cinco’s work when browsing Pinterest and his designs floored me! He recently released his Fall/Winter 2014 collection and there is so much drama…which is a good thing when you are trying to find the perfect show stopping wedding gown. The details on these dresess are just exquisite! I love all the … Continued

Meet Our New Intern!

Hey, Everyone! I’m excited to introduce myself as the new intern at The One Bride Guide! My name is Ashley Arevalo and I am a marketing student at TAMUCC. I LOVE fashion and adore animals. I started my own clothing company called Lovaare (pronounced luh-vair) in 2012 so when I’m not looking at cute pictures … Continued

Interesting Trends!

Happy Friday everyone! Today as I was browsing boards on Pinterest seeking creative ideas for your next event or upcoming wedding, I found several new trends that are becoming very popular for this season and the next! I came across Superstar Kelly Clarkson and her lace wedding gown, adding pearls to your decorations and style, … Continued