How To Make a Complementary Color Palette


Choosing your wedding colors can be overwhelming. Especially because you want to make sure everything looks good together and doesn’t clash. If you’ve never used a color wheel before then I highly recommend using one to pick your wedding color palette. Luckily, I’ve included one in this post for you to save.

Today we are gong to be talking about complementary color palettes. These types of color palettes are great because they can really make a statement. Complimentary colors are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. In the example I included, I chose blue and orange, which are great contrasting colors.

Now don’t feel worried about the bold colors because you can always choose lighter tones to not make it look so gaudy. Or you can choose a bold blue followed by a pastel orange/beige and add a neutral. Picking a color palette is all about experimenting to find out what you really like! So don’t be afraid to get out of our comfort zone and choose colors that you might not have picked in the first place.

Are you using complementary colors for your wedding day?



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