Really Really Cool Stuff We Found: Wedding Rings

Since I was fifteen, I’ve been tearing out pictures of exquisite engagement rings from magazines advertising companies like Tacori or De Beers. But there are some couples that decide a diamond engagement ring is just too conventional for them.
While looking for something neat to write about, I came upon a ring that I think is just breathtaking.

I’ve always been a nature fanatic, so when I saw this ring, I was immediately captivated. The diamond isn’t traditionally cut, but rather held in its natural form. After talking about this ring with my mom, it got me to thinking that maybe there are other rings out there, even more astounding rings. And so my search began for strange, but still romantic, wedding rings.

For those couples who love technology as much as they love one another, I found this ring that I find completely adorable, even though it seems a bit much.

One of my favorite, if not most unconventional wedding ring is the one that is made out of the respective couple’s bone. What the company does do to make this ring is that they take bone, a small amount, from the tooth, and they culture (or grow) the bone around the band on the ring and ta dah! You’ve got yourself a ring made from the very essence of your betrothed.

I’ve always had a terrible habit of forgetting things like birthdays and anniversaries, so when I found this ring, I literally laughed out loud. With this ring neither you or your husband will ever forget the anniversary of your wedding. What this nifty little ring does is 24 hours before the anniversary, the ring heats up to about 120º F for the duration of ten seconds. Quite a hot reminder for the happiest day of your life.

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  1. Nicky Howard

    where can you find the very first ring? I am absolutely in love with it!

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