Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Rough diamond engagement rings are an edgy alternative to regular polished and cut diamonds rings. Diamonds that are rough are presented in the exact way that they were mined from the ground in their most natural form. If you’re hesitant on wanting a diamond engagement ring then I suggest taking a look at these rough … Continued

Unique Jewelry From Nora Kogan

I love finding new designers on Instagram because you’ll never know what you’ll find! I came across Nora Kogan’s jewelry two days ago and was immediately drawn to her non traditional style. As you can see a lot of her work features snakes which is a very interesting theme for engagement and wedding rings. I … Continued

8 Timeless Vintage Engagement Rings

A lot of couples opt for vintage engagement rings simply because they love the timeless style or they love idea of the ring having a meaningful history. Another great thing about choosing a vintage engagement ring is that they are eco friendly because you are choosing a ring that is already made and not spending … Continued

Garnet Engagement Rings

Before you become engaged it might be smart to talk to your partner about engagement rings. Some women might not want diamonds on their engagement ring because of personal reasons. So if you’re one of those women then why not choose your birthstone? I love this idea  because it makes your engagement ring more personal … Continued

Minéraux by Monique Péan

I stumbled upon Monique Péan’s gorgeous jewelry collection on Elle Magazine’s website one day and have been daydreaming about her jewelry ever since. Her collection, Mineraux, was inspired by her own efforts in finding the perfect engagement ring for herself. With this collection, Péan keeps the environment in mind by using sustainable materials like recycled … Continued

Really Really Cool Stuff We Found: Wedding Rings

Since I was fifteen, I’ve been tearing out pictures of exquisite engagement rings from magazines advertising companies like Tacori or De Beers. But there are some couples that decide a diamond engagement ring is just too conventional for them. While looking for something neat to write about, I came upon a ring that I think … Continued