Unique Jewelry From Nora Kogan

I love finding new designers on Instagram because you’ll never know what you’ll find! I came across Nora Kogan’s jewelry two days ago and was immediately drawn to her non traditional style. As you can see a lot of her work features snakes which is a very interesting theme for engagement and wedding rings. I … Continued

Minéraux by Monique Péan

I stumbled upon Monique Péan’s gorgeous jewelry collection on Elle Magazine’s website one day and have been daydreaming about her jewelry ever since. Her collection, Mineraux, was inspired by her own efforts in finding the perfect engagement ring for herself. With this collection, Péan keeps the environment in mind by using sustainable materials like recycled … Continued

Gold Falcon Custom Jewelers: High Quality Jewelry

Are you currently shopping for a exclusive engagement ring for that special someone or interested in purchasing the best price and best diamonds available? Or maybe that special holiday gift for your spouse or loved one? Now is the time to start looking! You should visit Gold Falcon Custom Jewelers, one of our advertisers for … Continued