Big Box Pro

Fifteen years in the wedding industry have shaped the journey that has made Big Box Pro Wedding Video Corpus Christi’s leading trusted videographers. Mastering the art of story-telling is what has shaped their roles as Derrick & Kendra Perrin now aim to create truly artful documentaries of the emotive moments that are too easily forgotten … Continued

High Flying Proposal

  Ruston and I have been dating since 2009. I met him in high school through his step brother, who I went to school with. We first began talking at the county live stock show where we both participated, he showed lambs and I showed pigs. By the end of the week during the county … Continued

North Shore Country Club

We are excited to welcome North Shore Country Club to The One Bride Guide family! If you’re looking for a wedding venue with a lot of options then the North Shore Country Club is perfect for you! They have a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from.Their banquet rooms can accommodate 375 guests … Continued

Corpus Christi Country Club

We are thrilled to have the Corpus Christi Country Club as a part of The One Bride Guide family. The Corpus Christi Country Club has some of the finest cuisine and the most beautiful dining rooms that would be perfect for your upcoming reception or rehearsal dinner. Their catering crew will cater to your every … Continued

Fit Bride: The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment You are Not Using

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?  Is it a treadmill, an elliptical, maybe that machine that looks like you are sitting in stirrups and squeezing your thighs together? Or maybe it is a little more low tech like a jump rope, TRX, kettlebell, barbells, a squat rack, or just your own body weight.  … Continued

Taking The Time To Connect

Feeling Disconnected? This phrase is often used discussing marital struggles, not only for unfortunate big problems like infidelity or abuse, but also as a general feeling of disconnectedness.  In a world where there are more ways than ever through technology to stay “connected” how is it that some couples find themselves feeling more disconnected than … Continued

Create an Aromatic Experience

Brides are always looking for ways to make their weddings unique. It takes planning and creativity to provide your guests with an experience they’ll never forget, all down to the last detail… the favors they take home. If you are like me, you’ve already spent hours online searching for that perfect trinket you can offer … Continued