C’est La Mort by The Civil Wars

I always love it when love songs are a little bit morbid. The song C’est La Mort by folk duo The Civil Wars has the perfect blend of beautiful lyrics and dark imagery.

Originating from Nashville, Tennessee singers Joy Williams and John Paul White possess voices that blend gorgeously together amongst the folky acoustic guitar and keyboard. Although the duo was never romantically involved, they have a knack for writing such heartfelt music and possess such great stage presence with each other.

The song is about loving someone so much that you can’t bear to live without them. I think this song would be lovely as you’re making the big walk down the aisle or even for your First Dance.

Unfortunately, The Civil Wars are on hiatus and it’s uncertain if the duo will ever make music again. I’m grateful that I got to see them at Austin City Limit’s a few years ago but I can’t help but wish that they would reconcile their differences and be a band again!

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Would you include this song in your wedding reception?

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