First Dance Song Suggestion!

This week’s First Dance Song comes from English singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding. The song “How Long Will I Love You” was recently used for the romantic film, About Time. Gouldibng uses her signature hummingbird-esque voice to reiterate the infinite amount of time that she will love her significant other.

I think this song is really sweet and I think anything Ellie Goulding sings is bound to have a deep and emotional connection. Her voice just captures every emotion so perfectly as she sings every word. She’s one of those supremely talented vocalists that make you feel exactly what she is singing.

I can picture a DJ playing this song as the bride and groom take their first dance or even a band doing their own rendition of this lovely song.

Would you use this song for your First Dance?

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One Response to “First Dance Song Suggestion!”

  1. Monica

    I have never heard this song before but its really sweet and I would definitely consider it for my future wedding! Thanks for the great ideas!

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