Monograms in Your Wedding!

I feel like monograms are a huge deal to people in the south. I guess it’s just the sheer fact that it’s fun to put your initials on your belongings, which I can totally understand. I love seeing people make their purses or backpacks completely unique! So why not take on the personalization to the … Continued

Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

I can’t help but think of my boyfriend every time I hear this song. I think he even put it on a mix tape with a bunch of other songs as a gift for our 1st year anniversary! Use Somebody by Kings of Leon is probably one of my favorite love songs. Although the lyrics … Continued

Dessert Tables

It used to be all about the cake but now dessert tables are easily the guest’s favorite aspect of your wedding. Not only are they delicious but it also makes a beautiful display of threats that sets the vibe of your reception. A full on dessert table might not be a wedding essential because I’ve … Continued

Eye-catching Ceremony Backdrops

If you’re not getting married in a church, then a beautiful ceremony backdrop is a must! Now, if you think that a backdrop will take away from the beauty of you and your groom saying your vows then don’t worry. Even though all eyes will be on you, it’s nice to have an interesting background … Continued

Mint and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Mint is just one of those colors that seems to be getting more and more popular! The combination of mint and gold is a wedding color scheme that I see time and time again and the effect is always gorgeous. These colors work wonderfully for spring and summer. Another color scheme, I see a lot … Continued

June Issue Deadline!

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are posting about our upcoming deadline to be in the June 2014 issue which is Friday, April 4th! Please read the information below carefully and learn how you can be in the next issue of The One Bride Guide! We love receiving wedding spotlights, announcements, new advertisers and photos for our … Continued

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